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~**~Butterfly Effect~**~

There's only Hitsuzen~

Ichihara Yuuko
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Name: Yuuko Ichihara; it is a fake name, however.
Also Known As: Witch of Dimensions; the far East witch
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown; appears to be in her early 30's, though she's likely much older
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Yuuko is the witch of space and time. Being one of the few people who know about the existence of paralel universes, she has the ability to cross dimensions as many times as needed. She owns a shop where she can grant any wish, as long as she receives an equivalent price for it. She is also a fortune-teller and an expert at occultism, often dealing with various spirits and ayakashi.

Her true name and age are ignored, and much of her past is a mystery. She once had some sort of relationship with a magician named Clow Reed, to whom she often refers as "the four-eyed freak". Together, they created a pair of Mokonas named Soel and Larg, which they taught and raised with the sole purpose of helping a group of dimension travelers from the future, along with a boy who would later become her employee.

In spite of her immense powers and wisdom, Yuuko can be very childish, capricious and highly bossy, but she does have a very kind heart. She's also an alcoholic and a tobacco-adict, being often shrouded in clouds of smoke.

"There are no coincidences in this world; only Hitsuzen~"

This is a Roleplaying journal for ville_delumiere made for entertainment purposes only.
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